Maize Bag (Filled)

Maize Bag (Filled)

MAIZE BAG - Filled

Old School meets New School! 

Heavy Duty Leather Maize Bag - The perfect bag for hooks, uppercuts and movement, providing more versatility than a traditional heavy bag.


Based off of the traditional old school Maize Bag, this new school adaptation comes FULLY FILLED weighing approximately 23kgs and is made for the most intense punches! Comes manufacturer filled for that professional feel and shock absorption!


This bag will keep you moving, engaging your footwork and extending your punches as it swings in and out of range. The shape of the Maize Bag opens up the punching angles and allows you to work on mastering body shots, hooks and uppercuts, the 'Fight Finishing' punches. 

Includes Carabiner clip and wrap around strap to hang from rafter or pole - can also clip straight onto any punching bag stand or home gym equipment. 

Includes four heavy duty straps. Additional Carabiner clip and wrap around strap to hang. 



  • Length: 56cm
  • Width: 46cm
  • Weight: Approx 23 kgs
  • Filled with textile cuttings
  • Four heavy duty straps
  • Includes Carabiner clip and strap to hang (stand/wall mount/rope can also be used)
  • Zipper opening on top


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