Spring & Foam Cover

Spring & Foam Cover


Please Note
: Our current range of the Cobra Reflex Bag already includes these parts. This product is for earlier customers who purchased our first range of Cobra Bag (different foam cover) that are looking to upgrade the parts. The Spring/Foam Cover does not include screws (screws from previous model are still compatible). 

Attn: Previous customers

If you have previously purchased our first range of the Cobra Reflex Bag, you can now order the upgraded parts separately and add them straight on to your own Cobra Bag! 

Our new range of Cobra Bags includes an upgraded spring, which has been lengthened and improved for greater flexibility, durability and overall movement. The foam cover is added for aesthetic purposes only. 


If you're interested in trying out the new spring and would like to add the upgraded parts to your Cobra Bag at home or in the gym, then simply place an order for these upgraded parts and we'll get them sent straight to your doorstep ASAP. The old & new parts are fully compatible and can be swapped out within a couple of minutes, meaning your Cobra Bag can be upgraded and running smoothly in no time!